CASA GALIMBERTININO Via Cino del Duca 2, Milano (open by appointment).
In the heart of Milan, near Piazza San Babila and Via Durini, in the center of the design district, is located CASA GALIMBERTININO, a magical place dedicated to the love of beauty.
CASA GALIMBERTININO: the history of this Milanese house, symbol of Italian Romanticism.
Milan is renowned for being the capital of fashion, worldliness and work. Life in Milan is frenetic, with its numerous offices, clubs and events. But however, Milan also knows how to show its historical and romantic side and an example of this particular feeling is provided by the famous Casa Berchet. Along the central Via Cino del Duca stands what was once the residence of an illustrious literator.
Giovanni Berchet, a man of letters and poet who lived between the 17th and 18th centuries, is remembered as the author of what was considered the manifesto of the Romantic movement. Casa Berchet in Milan, therefore, is a true symbol of Romanticism, one of the most romantic corners of the metropolis. In other words, Casa Berchet can be considered as a piece of Italian history. Construction dating back to the fifteenth century, it offers a facade made of bricks which, in part, was renovated at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Casa Berchet is therefore, in its own small way, an example. Silently, with great humility and dedication, it represents the good and the right that our Italy was the bearer of. In the hope that these examples, numerous in the history of our people, may they continue to inspire beauty in the world.