Design studio and architecture atelier founded by Francesco Sasso and Anna Saverio.
After graduating in Architecture they begin their training and growth at some of the most important design furniture companies with a particular interest in high-end production.
After years of experience and collaboration with leading figures in the world of furniture design and
production, they decide to found “Amaranto Interior” driven by the need to be able to best express
their passion for interior design and architecture, focusing attention on construction details, the
refinement of materials and the search for beauty, the absolute protagonist of their work.
An eclectic research that takes inspiration from the most diverse fields, from art to fashion, from architecture to everyday life, but above all a curious research, not only theoretical, made up of hours spent working in close contact with expert craftsmen, to deepen each aspect of design and understand the secrets of production and tradition.
The result of this passion, combined with an intense professional commitment, are objects that speak to us of the sincere and natural beauty that is expressed in the simplicity of the lines and in the creativity and care of every single detail.